MACARON, The Little Cookies Monster




Finally!!! I can conquer this little cookies monster! Don’t know how many times of failure maybe 30 times or more and how much money I spent, but the satisfaction of making a PERFECT macaron is priceless.

This year when I went to Hongkong for family vacation coincide with my Mom’s birthday. We always stay at our favorite hotel, Parklane Hotel in Causeway Bay area. The management hotel gave a box of Macarons and vouchers dine in worth 100 HKD  for my Mom’s birthday present. Guess what?? Me and my sister are more excited than my mom wkwkwkw. We ate all the Macarons and tell the truth this was the best macaron I’ve ever tasted, the shell was crispy yet fragile and the filling was so yummy specially the pistachio macaron. You can see the interior of shell is full and compact and the taste is not so sweet with no thirsty left after eating them. Damn! I swore I have to success to make this cookies, PERFECTLY! Before we were back to Indonesia I bought 2 boxes of macaron and they were so pricey but they worth.




Well… 2 days ago I tried to make it again,,,First of all you must know the technique how to “macaronage” and know your oven well. This little cookie monster is very hard to handle. You can’t overmix or undermix the batter or you can say goodbye to your beautiful cookies, but fortunately you still can eat them. My obstacle to handle this monster was the hollow macaron but after so many trials and errors finally I found the temperature I set was to low. So I used my convection oven and set the temperature to 160′ C and baked for almost 15-20 minutes. When I ate the macarons after out of the oven well I must say it was not exactly the macarons I was looking for, the shell was too crispy and I could hear the crunchiness inside my mouth. O no!! Could I overbake????  I read for some article, they said it’s oke for overbake because after “mature” for 24-48 hours the macarons will taste good. And today I eat the macaron again and I must say the texture has changed, the shell is still crispy but not hard and the inside texture is tender. Proudly I can say that I SUCCEEDED!! Hoorayyyy!!!






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